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November 20, 2012
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Tips for effective snow removal

As the CEO of Dirt Doctors Cleaning Services, over the past 18 years I have seen a lot of folks who dont properly remove snow and ice from entrances to homes and offices. Not only does this make it dangerous for our employees to gain entry, but it also means they are bringing the snow into the properties they are cleaning. In that light, I would like to give you my tips for snow removal and treatments of sidewalks and driveways

• The sooner snow is removed the less likely ice will form
• Shovel snow from sidewalks on all side of the property
• Shovel the full width of the sidewalk
• Shovel to the concrete and remove all ice
• Use salt to melt the ice, but dont over use! Use only enough salt to melt snow or ice. Over usage means that the salt is going to end up inside your home or office.
• Use scraper and wiper mats at entrances – this will keep snow and salt our of your home or office as well.
• Pile snow on the property rather than in the street or the alley
• Use the proper snow removal equipment to avoid back injuries
• Hire a professional service for heavy snow falls
• Arrange for snow removal during planned vacations