Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Cleaning

We have assembled some of the most frequently asked questions about our commercial cleaning services and provided answers. If you have any concern about your commercial space and our cleaning and janitorial services call us at (412) 726-0800 or complete the form below.

How many people are on a Janitorial team?

​Janitorial team is typically 1-2 people depending on the size of the facility.

Does the same team provide the cleaning each time?

Yes, generally it is the same Team each time.

Does someone have to be here when the Team arrives? Does someone have to stay while they are cleaning?

Typically, we enter the office using a client- provided key.

Should I do anything before the cleaning team arrives?

Our cleaning team can hit the ground running if the space we clean is organized prior to our arrival. We respect your space and privacy and must air on the side of caution when your sensitive business materials are not put away. Commercial spaces vary highly and given any particular situation we will work with you to ensure all expectations are met without disruption to your operation.

What do you do if the Team can't get in my office for some reason?

We will try to contact you to see if you can have someone open the office for us. In the event that this is not possible, the cleaning may have to be rescheduled. I do not charge a lock out fee unless it happens often.

Am I covered if something is broken?

Yes, we have insurance for broken or damaged items.

Am I covered if someone gets hurt?

Yes, we have liability insurance for injuries.

What kind of cleaning supplies do you use?

We mostly use Green Products from a company called Enviro Solutions. We also use some products that can be purchased at most home stores. We do not use any abrasive products, ammonia- based products or bleach. We do use Tilex for mold and mildew only.

Do you do deep cleaning or is it all surface cleaning?

That depends on your definition of deep cleaning. We have the Dirt Doctors Detail Cleaning System – Details like baseboards and cobweb removal, for example, get done on a rotational basis. We also offer our Spring Cleaning System, where we do a more thorough cleaning and may provide additional services that are not part of our standard services. There is an up-charge for this service.

Do you clean windows?

We can clean the inside of windows upon request. We also recommend window cleaning companies for large jobs and/or outside windows.

Do you clean carpets?

No, however we can either subcontract this work or give you recommendations of quality carpet cleaners.

Do you do special requests?

Yes, with a week or two notice, we can schedule special requests. If it is something we cannot do, we can give recommendations of companies that do that type of cleaning.

What if I'm not satisfied?

We can either return to fix the problem or give you a discount on your next cleaning.

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