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Why Choose Dirt Doctors For Commercial Cleaning?

Our mission at Dirt Doctors Cleaning Services is to help our commercial clients have a more productive workplace by delivering on our promise to provide high quality cleaning at affordable prices. Our cleaning services cater to each of our clients unique needs to ensure your workspace is clean without disruption to operations. 

Trust The Dirt Doctors

Our employees are passionate about cleaning, it’s a matter of pride. We will not leave your facility unless we are completely satisfied that the job has been done right. That’s why you can trust the Dirt Doctors for all your cleaning needs.

Types Of Facilities We Clean

Dirt Doctors cleaning offers janitorial cleaning services for commercial spaces. From office buildings to small offices and churches to event spaces, if you have a facility that needs cleaning The Dirt Doctors have you covered.

What Our Cleaning Company Offers

Dirt Doctors provides commercial, janitorial, and office cleaning services to Western Pennsylvania. You have made an investment in your home or business and we understand that quality cleaning maintains that investment. Our goal is to help you meet that need.

While there is no “one size fits all” cleaning package our services generally are shared across the various types of facilities we clean. We work with our clients to create a cleaning plan that works for their office, business, or facility giving you options about what and where you would like us to clean. Restrooms and kitchens for your property are part of our service list.

From top to bottom, we start with any high dusting and interior window cleaning. We start at the “top” because dust settles, this ensures the systematic removal of any fine particulate finding it’s way back to your surfaces or flooring once we leave. We then move to any counter tops, desks, or working services, that you dictate to us directly, dusting or wiping down then disinfecting where necessary.

We are now ready to complete any janitorial and maintenance duties. These include things like collecting and disposing of trash and relining the receptacles, re-filling any paper towel, soap, lotion, sanitizer and the like.

Finally we arrive to cleaning the floors. We offer a wide array of floor cleaning and maintenance services to accommodate all the various flooring finishes found in commercial properties. Carpets are vacuumed and spot treated. For hard flooring surfaces, we either sweep or dust mop and wet mop on a regular basis.  We can also subcontract machine scrubbing, stripping and waxing of floors as needed.

No matter the type of facility you have, if it needs routine cleaning and janitorial services, the Dirt Doctors have you covered.

Standard Cleaning Services

  • Dusting – tailor made to your specifications.
  • Vacuuming – spot vacuum nightly. Wall to wall – weekly.
  • Restroom cleaning – nightly. Wipe mirrors, disinfect sinks and toilets, wet mop with disinfectant solution, re-fill dispensers, spot clean around door handles and light switches.
  • Kitchen cleaning – nightly. Disinfect and wipe sinks, counters and tables. Weekly – Clean inside microwave. Wipe outside appliances.
  • Floor cleaning – Sweep and wet mop nightly.
  • Empty trash – nightly.
  • Clean entrance glass doors – nightly.
  • Sweep and mop steps/stairwell – weekly or more if needed.
  • Clean elevators and shine stainless steel
  • Re-fill paper and soap dispensers

Additional Services

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Floor maintenance – stripping, waxing, scrubbing, burnishing and buffing on all hard surface floors
  • Window cleaning
  • High dusting
  • Dusting baseboards and blinds
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Dirt Doctors' Testimonials

Riverset Credit Union

5 Star Cleaning Reviews

Quality Service – prompt, efficient, and affordable. They have been cleaning our offices in South Side for over a year and we have had no issues! Communication is great. Staff is friendly. The owner truly cares about his clients and employees. Every morning after Dirt Doctors has been in the office you can see and smell the clean. Fantastic work!

5 Star Cleaning Reviews

Katy Petrashune

5 Star Cleaning Reviews

We have used the services that Dirt Doctors provides for over 15 years now, and have been very satisfied with the cleaning provided, as well as the immediate attention to any concerns we may have at any given time. Tim and his team are always responsive to our needs, and offering other solutions to our evolving needs, especially during these trying times. I highly recommend Dirt Doctors.

5 Star Cleaning Reviews

5 Star Cleaning Reviews

I highly recommend that you consider Dirt Doctors as your professional cleaning company. As soon as we signed on with Dirt Doctors, they exhibited good customer service in getting us set up as a new client. They are prompt to respond to communication and friendly. They help us maintain a clean environment in our building and all who share our space.

5 Star Cleaning Reviews

Sarah Kwolek

5 Star Cleaning Reviews

We have been so impressed with the level of cleaning we receive from Dirt Doctors. Our offices look great! We get super quick response with any questions we might have and we have found all of the employees and the owner to be exceedingly professional and courteous. I’m so thankful we found them!

5 Star Cleaning Reviews

Millvale Borough

5 Star Cleaning Reviews

“The Dirt Doctors service is outstanding, exceptional, reliable, dependable, and highly professional. The interview experience with Dirt Doctors made our decision very easy. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and answered all our questions. After hiring Dirt Doctors, they did a complete walk-through planning session with us, which was extremely helpful in showing us what would be done during the cleaning. Dirt doctors were direct, and their communication skills explained what, how, and why certain services were needed. Dirt Doctors cleans our office on the weekend and provides updates if they cannot get to an office or have an issue—no surprises at all. After the first two cleanings, Dirt Doctors followed up to ensure we got what we wanted. The quality control is impeccable. I would recommend Dirt Doctors to any business.”

5 Star Cleaning Reviews

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