Top 5 ridiculous cleaning myths!
March 31, 2016
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May 26, 2016

Increase profits, reduce work place illness!

Reducing absenteeism
Perhaps the most significant benefit of having your office professionally cleaned is reduced absenteeism. One of the major contributors to employee absence is illness related to unhygienic facilities and poor indoor air quality. Proper cleaning reduces harmful contaminates and creates a healthy environment. This results in  healthier employees who show up for work more often.  This has a direct impact on a business’s bottom line!

Heightening productivity
An opposite problem of absenteeism is presenteeism, which happens when sick employees show up for work with conditions of poor health that prevent them from performing productively. This also leads to more employees becoming sick and eventually leads to more absenteeism.  It’s a vicious cycle.  The cleaning industry reduces many of the conditions that lead to illness and prevents this cycle.

Increasing customer satisfaction
Customers have many choices of where  to do business and the cleanliness of a facility ranks very high on the list of deciding factors. Poorly cleaned facilities can cost your business money, so why would you not invest in hiring a professional cleaning service.

Too many decision makers look at cleaning as a cost and maybe even a necessary annoyance rather then an investment in the business and facility. The answer is not to hire the “lowest cost” provider who does the minimum requirements.  The answer is to hire a cleaning service who takes pride in their work and actually cleans your facility. Yes the cost may be higher, but the long term investment will pay off in spades!

Source: ISSA white paper on the “value of cleaning.”