What do you recommend using on the outside of stainless steel appliances?

We have used at least a dozen different products over the last 20 years and we have found most of them seriously lacking. They either streak, don’t go on well or leave a strong odor. However, we have discovered that baby oil, mineral oil or lemon oil will do the trick. Using a white terry cloth or a shop rag pour a small amount of the product onto the cloth and work into the stainless steel. Do only a foot or two section at a time making sure not to leave any access oil. (You may have to remove some dirt and grime first using an all purpose cleaner and wiping dry with a cleaning rag.)

I have heard comments that the baby oil and mineral oil leave the surface a little tacky and that can be true. One way to remove most of the tackiness is to buff the oil into the surface thoroughly. All 3 of these products are safe on any stainless steel surfaces and baby oil and mineral oil are non-toxic. This is especially good to know if you have pets or small children in your home. Lemon oil can be non-toxic as well if it doesn’t contain petroleum products. You can search for natural lemon oil products online or make your own if you are inclined in that direction.

I hope this answers your question. You will be impressed at how these products really do provide a nice protective coating and leave a great sheen! Or better yet, call the Dirt Doctors and we will do it for you!