Business owners have the option of cleaning their buildings themselves or hiring a commercial cleaning business to do the job. We believe that having an outside service handle your cleaning is the best option. As a business or building owner it is to your benefit to let someone else handle the headaches of making sure you facility is properly cleaned. You have enough on your plate without that responsibility.

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service

One of the key benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning service is that your office or facility will be cleaned by a trained professional. Some of the duties that a commercial cleaning service will perform are as follows: emptying all of the trash receptacles in the building, cleaning and disinfecting all of the bathrooms and kitchens, dusting of specified surfaces, vacuuming and mopping. One of the more difficult tasks required in a building is the hard-surface floor cleaning and maintenance. Most commercial buildings have VCT and other types of hard surface flooring. A janitorial service company will clean all of these floors on a regular basis and provide periodic machine scrubbing, stripping or buffing as needed. In addition, many commercial cleaning companies offer carpet and window cleaning services as well sweeping outside sidewalks and other services.

Another benefit is that the staff that will be cleaning your facility will be insured and bonded. That is the first thing that you should find out about when speaking to a potential service to hire.

The biggest advantage of outsourcing the cleaning to a professional service is that it frees up your time and energy to concentrate on your business and other aspects of building ownership. Hiring an outside service puts all of the duties on the cleaning service.

Benefits of Hiring Dirt Doctors Cleaning Services

The key to providing our clients with exceptional service is hiring the right staff. We look for people who actually like to clean. If they don’t get satisfaction from their work, they won’t be happy employees or stay around very long. Through our interview process to checking references and background checks, we hire folks who are hard-working, dependable and honest. The proof of our success in hiring the right employees is in the fact that we have less than a 50% turnover rate per year. The national average turnover rate for cleaning staff is between 100-200%.

The Business Times selected Dirt Doctors as one of The Best Places to Work in Western PA in 2014. Our team members like working for us and it shows in their results. Happy employees make good workers!

We focus on training our staff to The Dirt Doctors way of doing things once they are hired. Most people say they know how to clean, but we want them to follow our system so they know exactly what is expected of them. This starts with handing them an operations manual outlining in detail everything from how to clean a bathroom properly to vacuuming effectively. We follow this up with training in the field to ensure they understand our methods. Finally, we do ongoing quality control checks to provide feedback to our employees for areas of improvement and positive reinforcement of things done well.

Just ask our current clients what they think of our service. We will be happy to give you a list of referrals of our very satisfied clients.