Taking a vacation is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. It gets us out of our routine and gives us time to unwind and really enjoy ourselves and our families. But from a cleaning service perspective, when our clients take a vacation, it can bring a variety of challenges and missed opportunities for our clients.

One suggestion is to not skip your cleaning when you take a vacation. When you cancel your cleaning you will be coming back to a dirty home and have one more thing to stress about as you get back to reality. Why not have your home cleaned while you are away? Imagine the feeling of walking into a clean home as you get back from vacation! Ahh!

If you happen to get your home cleaned right before you leave for vacation, another suggestion is to have us come in and do some things out of the ordinary, like clean out the refrigerator, sweep the garage or clean rooms that don’t usually get cleaned. That way you can scratch things off of your to do list while you are sipping a Pina Colada on the beach.

Another benefit of having our cleaning service in your home while you are away is that we can pick up any stray newspapers or bring in your mail and just be another set of eyeballs on your home. One cleaning service I read about actually goes grocery shopping for some of their clients, so they have fresh food in the fridge when they arrive home.

So next time you are taking a vacation and you have a cleaning service, consider some of these options. It will make summers more enjoyable for us all and you will have a cleaner home!